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Criminal Assault Lawyer serving Denver

Facing assault and battery charges?

Assault and battery are often grouped together under a criminal charge. Assault is classified as the attempt or threat of causing harm to a person, whereas battery is the actual and intentional physical hitting or attacking of a person. If you think you may be facing assault charges, it is very important that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer. At The Bendinelli Law Firm, we understand that getting quality representation and advice is important to you. This is why we can guarantee that our team of attorneys will not rest until we defend you and ensure your rights are protected.

Assault and Battery in Denver, Colorado

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In Colorado, assault and battery convictions can be devastating. It can affect your work environment and social life, and can have long-term implications for your future. You can find it hard to get a job or in some cases may lose your current job. If you cause another person suffer bodily harm, you may face civil litigation for their monetary damages, including their medical bills, lost wages and other costs.

1st Degree assault, categorized as a Class 3 felony, is the gravest assault charge according to Colorado law that may result in a sentence of 8-24 years along with a fine of $750,000. The law has the following conditions:

  • Intentional bodily harm to someone by using a deadly weapon.
  • Conduct that created a serious death risk for another and has caused an injury.
  • Intentional amputation to another person.
  • Intention to cause serious bodily harm to a police officer or firefighter by using a deadly weapon.

If you have been accused of, or are under investigation for assault and battery, it is important to contact a qualified defense attorney who can protect your rights and make sure that you aren’t convicted of a crime that you didn’t commit. Colorado state and federal laws and standard court proceedings have proven invaluable for us to represent you in courts. By proving that your charge was in fact self-defense, was an accident, or was provoked, our attorneys may be able to help you receive alternative or lessened sentencing or get your charges dropped entirely. The criminal defense attorneys at The Bendinelli Law Firm have represented hundreds of state and federal criminal cases and are familiar with the US court system. Our aggressive and effective representation and defense techniques could make all the difference in your case.

If you are facing any of these assault charges or some other felony in Denver, Colorado, you need consultation with an expert attorney who will help you win your case.
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