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Drug Offense Attorney Serving Denver

Have you been charged with a drug-related crime?

Being charged with a drug-related crime can have a devastating effect on your reputation and social standing. Sometimes, the process can be long and drawn out and force you to make hard decisions to protect yourself and those you love. At The Bendinelli Law Firm we understand drug-related criminal defense and don’t want you to face it alone. Our lawyers are skilled in many different types of drug crime defense, which include:

  • Illegal Possession
  • Illegal Distribution
  • Illegal Trafficking

Typically, the use or possession of an illegal drug qualifies as a misdemeanor with a fine and/or a county jail sentence of up to one year. The sale, distribution or transportation of illegal drugs is usually charged as a felony with heavier fines and/or a state prison term of at least one year. A severe drug crime, such as trafficking large quantities of heroin, could result in a state prison sentence of up to 25 years and a $500,000 fine.

Final sentencing for a drug crime conviction will depend upon three main factors:

  • Prior convictions (criminal record)
  • The amount of drugs found on your person or property, and the type
  • What your intentions were with the drug or drugs (for personal use or for distribution)

Additional factors in determining a sentence are:

  • Whether another, related crime was committed
  • If any minors were involved

Our Denver criminal defense attorneys are experienced helping to protect the rights of people accused of drug crimes. We know what to look for in violation of your constitutional rights and how to successfully defend the drug charges. Whether you were accused of a drug crime based on a search and seizure, or a police sting operation, you may have experienced an instance of a police officer violating protocol and your rights and your case may be dismissed or evidence may be inadmissible.

Don’t wait to take action!

If you have been charged with a drug-related crime it is very important that you act now and consult a qualified criminal defense lawyer. In the area of drug crimes, good legal representation and counsel could mean the difference between jail and freedom. At The Bendinelli Law Firm we want to help you get the justice you deserve. Call us today at (303) 940-9900 to schedule a free consultation!